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What does sandbagging mean?

Brad Gott:

The Sandbagging is a term used to describe someone who sets their dial notably slower than the bike can run. It's harder to race this way in my opinion because without a good light you could not only lose on the tree but breakout easily as well. You can run faster bikes in slower index classes, for example, your bike can run a time of 8.70 , but you run a 8.88 index class. You change shift rpms to "dial" your bike in for that class.

Jerry Turner:

I like the term “holding numbers” better than sandbagging. The opposite term I hear a lot is “dialing honest”. Dialing honest means that if you think your bike will run 9.50 so your dial-in is 9.50. Sandbagging means that you dial 9.52 or so on the same bike knowing that you can go faster but you plan to get out of the throttle sometime before you cross the finish line to “lose” the extra 2 numbers (.02 seconds) you are “carrying”. The intent is to cause the other person to run faster than their dial-in and break-out while you are actually slowing down at the finish line. Should you try it? There are many very accomplished racers that regularly race by holding numbers and racing the finish line. It takes practice, the skill to tell who’s ahead and willingness to sometimes let the other bike take the stripe. Can you beat a person that’s holding numbers by dialing honest? Yes, if you have the same or better reaction and run the number you dialed without breaking out, you’ll win regardless how much the other racer is sandbagging.

Dustin Lee:

A sandbagger is someone that dials their bike slower than it runs, and lifts enough to just stay out front in a race.(This is also called holding numbers) There is definitely pros and cons to this method, I myself don't suggest it the best tool a racer can have is the ability to have a great reaction time that alone puts the ball in your hand in a race!

Bob Carlson:

Sandbagging means your bike can run faster than your dial in. I feel that you always should put I dial in on your bike that you know the bike will run no matter what. If you have to sandbag to do it, then so be it. Sandbagging works only if you get a better reaction time then your opponent and get their first by one inch (easy right? Lol). If you have a bike your confident that will run dead on, or your running a opponent that there is a big gap in MPH between you and them, then sandbagging might not be a good option. Sandbagging can be dangerous, don't use your front brake and don't brake excessive, you could crash, I know this first hand. Be safe!

Janie Palm:

The sandbagging is a term used to describe someone that deliberately causes his or her motorcycle to under perform during a race; this is done by slowing down the dial-in time in a bracket race or running in a slower index class than what the motorcycle is capable of performing in. Racers think this gives them an advantage over their competitor as they can leave with their competitor and pace them down the track and slow to just barely beat them at the finish line. This is a practice that takes some skill as you can easily break out.

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