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Your monthly membership includes EVERYTHING we have created on the website & MORE!  You’ll have access to all the lessons/tutorials and access to our forum.  Additionally, you’ll be invited to weekly discussions via Zoom for direct access to your instructors (& guests).  Also included in your membership are exclusive discounts from industry leading companies and weekly giveaways!


Your membership is set to automatically renew each month.  We do ask that you remain a member for a minimum of three months, for these reasons:  1) Our partnership with TIBR requires a built in cost for each new member.  2) Your yearly welcome kit costs money to build/ship.  3) We want you to give the program a fair chance.

That being said, you're welcome to cancel at anytime, no questions asked by emailing us at


The cost of this program is built around a single membership, so sharing information is highly discouraged.  Also, if you’re spending hard earned money on the program why would you want to distribute it to your competitors for free?  Our goal is to exceed your expectations with this program and provide you with an incredible value.



While the program is designed to answer all your questions and provide adequate explanations we know that sometimes you’ll need to talk to us.  That’s why we built a forum for any topic you would like to discuss.  Additionally, you’ll be able to talk to us directly on our Zoom meetings.  Finally, you can always email us directly at


The short answer is no.  Our program does not include any specific lessons that teach you how to ride a motorcycle.  This program is designed for racers who already know how to ride but are wanting to learn how to win!  While some courses/subjects may discuss “riding” styles/procedures, the general format is not designed to teach anyone to ride.


The program is designed to accommodate ALL skill levels of racers.  While some may benefit more then others, the program is laid out to help beginners, intermediates, & advanced racers.  The teachings will start with the most basic skills and work up to the most advanced skills.  It is designed to learn at your own pace through our unique setup of written, audio, and video tutorials.



Our weekly & monthly giveaways only require an active monthly membership.  However, we do have some special prizes that require a FULL year’s worth of membership.  With a custom Vanson Leathers racing suit as our yearly giveaway (Valued at $2500), it’s only fair to reward the loyal members who committed their time & money to the program long term. ***NOTE, all monthly members will qualify if they've been a paying member for the majority of the year.


We do have outlines & a curriculum built around two different on-track schools, however at this time we plan to be online only.  Our goal with the membership program is to provide EVERYTHING you need to learn how to win.  On track schools bring a lot of additional costs & risks.  Not only do we aim to provide you with MORE information then you could get from an 8 hour class (with our online program), but it all comes at a much lower price then an at track school.


Membership Kits

Every year we will have a membership kit that will ship out prior to most series kicking off.  It generally includes: Logbook, T-Shirt, Koozie, Decals, etc.  Every new member will recieve a membership kit once subscribed.  Additionally, new kits will be shipped out to all members each year. 

“University of Win is a must for anyone that wants to learn how to drag race with a Motorcycle. Ben and Dustin are proven champions and they keep things fun at the same time share their secrets to help you win at the track. This is truly a look inside decades of trial and error and you get fast tracked for a very small amount of money. You also get to have a chance to win cash and prizes that could be more then the membership. When you go to the track and have new friends to help with tuning and general questions has been priceless for me. Its a very close nit family in racing."

Paul Phillips



Our Winning guarantee! 100% money-back if you don't improve your racing!

***Refund is only valid if chosen in the first 30 days***
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